Stitch Fix #1 (November 2013) Review

Ahh!  My long awaited Stitch Fix #1 arrived today!!  I dove right into the box!  Without further adieu –

The Preview:


If I kept everything in my box, it would have cost me $198.  Not too bad for 5 items (if I loved them all).

The Cost:

$20 a month styling fee – then the cost of clothing (read more here).

The Goods:


First up was the LA Made Aussen Zip-Up Collared Knit Cardigan – $68


I wanted to love this item – here in MN we just got our first snow yesterday.  What a perfect sweater for winter, right?  I tried a similar look to the first photo in the style card – but basically the sweater was just way too baggy on me and I couldn’t get it to look right (kept fidgeting with it).  Don’t get me wrong, I love comfy and baggy, but not when I’m paying $68 and would have to leave the house in it.  This item is going back. (p.s., that is a Barney photo bomb.)


Next up was the Tobias Crew Neck Knit Sweater – $98


I knew I was going to love this sweater when I pulled it out of the box – then I saw the price card and was determined that I would find something else in the fix that I liked better and this could go back…  No such luck, I had to keep this.  It was perfect.


Next item was the 41 Hawthorn (Stitch Fix‘s brand) Cubes Arc Necklace – $32

Overall – this necklace was OK.  If I hadn’t fallen in love with the sweater, I may have kept it just so I wouldn’t lose my styling fee.  Just didn’t really like the forced curvature to the necklace (seemed a little funny on me).  This item is going back.


Next up was the 41 Hawthron Bixby Swan Print 3/4 Sleeve Blouse – $48


This item was my stylist’s “favorite” – I wasn’t too certain when I tried it on – but it actually looked nice when put together (Husband said I looked good).  The only problem – it was too tight across the shoulders, I felt like I was going to rip it if I bent the wrong way!  The fabric had absolutely no give whatsoever (silk?)  I don’t like being constricted by clothing – this is going back.


and last was the Chris & Carol Strathmore Striped Hi-Lo Knit Shirt – $38


I literally felt like I was wearing a pajama shirt!  While it was nice and soft, it was WAY too long!! I think that may be the intent of this shirt, but TOTALLY not for me.  The dog was even wondering what was going on!  This immediately went back in the box.

The Verdict:

Overall, I was fairly impressed with my first Stitch Fix.  While I ended up sending back 4 of the items, I LOVE the sweater!! And I would have never purchased this in the store (would have walked away after seeing the price tag).  While I didn’t really go out of my comfort zone much (perhaps part of the reason for scheduling my “fix”), I think the style cards will help me put outfits together with pieces that are already in my wardrobe.

Overall – I’m in love and will be scheduling my next fix soon!  I can’t wait until I get a fix where I love all items and can take advantage of the 25% off!!  Just think, I ended up paying $78 for one item (with the $20 styling fee deducted), had I loved everything, it would have only been $120 more for 4 more pieces!

Oh also, I received a $50 gift card for – don’t think I’ll use it as we aren’t big wine drinkers, but a nice touch, nevertheless.

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?

Note:  This post contains referral links.


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