November 2013 Bulu Box Review

Here’s my review for my November 2013 Weight Loss Bulu Box – it arrived in the mail today!!  “The Box” picture is credited to Bulu Box’s website – let’s face it, they just have a better picture then me!


November 2013 Weight Loss1

Here’s the information card I received describing all of the products.  I really enjoyed this as I’m not the most supplement, etc. savvy.

bulunov13 002


Month-to-Month: $10 (Free Shipping)
3 Month: $30 (Free Shipping)
6 Month: $60 (Free Shipping)
12 Month: $110 (Free Shipping) *One box Free!


Bulu Box Weight Management Box

bulunov13 001

Energems Peanut Butter Blast – Full Size (9 tablets) – $2.99

I think these’d be great to try if they were not chocolate – husband will have to give the verdict.

Yaff Bar: Honey Almond Cranberry – 1 bar – $3

We just got a Yaff Bar in yesterday’s Conscious Box – at least they are different flavors.  Again, little bit creeped out with sharing a treat with my dogs.. I know where their mouths have been!

Shapeology Burn Blend – 14 capsules – $9.33

Hm – interested to see how these pills work – they say they have as much caffeine as three cups of coffee – holy bouncing off the walls Tonya…

NeoCell Beauty Bursts, Fresh Mint Chocolate – 1 chew – $0.33

I giggle a little knowing that my husband will be trying this “beauty burst”!  It’s meant to promote smoother, more radiant skin, hair and nails!  Ha!  Maybe I just won’t tell him what it is.  Wish we would have gotten the fruit punch flavor instead.

The Verdict:

The value of my November 2013 Bulu Weight Loss Box was over $15.  The normal cost for this box is $10; however, I got a pretty good deal (3 boxes for $17).  I liked this month’s box a lot better then last months for the value, however I just seem destine to get chocolate in every box (and now it seems two samples!)  The husband seems to enjoy all the chocolate coming his way though, so I suppose I could stop complaining.

I have one month left in my subscription to the Bulu Weight Loss Box – based on this month’s box, I’m a little happier, but will make my final decision on whether the subscription stays or goes after receiving next months (they are 1 for 2 right now!)

How was your November 2013 Bulu Weight Loss Box?

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November 2013 Conscious Box Review

Well here’s the review for my November 2013 Conscious Box.  There are so many samples that sample photos are from Conscious Box.

The Box:



$19.95/month (with free shipping)


MRM Relax-All or Digest-All

MRM Relax-All or Digest-All – 2 tablets – $0.33

This product is supposed to help aid in digestion – might have to give it a try the next time I’m craving a big plate of pasta!

Mighty Leaf Organic Teas

Mighty Leaf Organic Teas – 3 packages – $1.60

These are whole leaf tea packages and we don’t have a tea ball.  Guess we’ll have to get one to try these.  Typically I like making tea with the Keurig – much simpler (I know blasphemy from the Tea Gurus out there…)

YogaAnne Calm Essential Oil Blend

YogaAnne Calm Essential Oil Blend – 0.5 ml? – $1?

Smells pretty good – guess I’ll have to try to remember to use at work to see if it helps!

Mudd + Wyeth YaffBar

Mudd + Wyeth YaffBar – 1 bar – $3

So this bar is apparently good for both you AND your dog.  That sort of creeps me out.  Will probably give to the Husband to eat… LOL

DetoxRx Cell-U-Firm Body Gel

DetoxRx Cell-U-Firm Body Gel – 24 ml – $4

Hm – we’ll see if this does anything…

Mega Food Vegan Daily Dietary SupplementConBoxNov009

Mega Food Vegan Daily Dietary Supplement – 2 tablets – $1

I had to take a picture of the ingredients.  Yes, I would like some supplements with a side of boron and chromium please?  wtf.  I’ll pass.  Husband said he’d take them though…

Rebootizer Destress Detox

Rebootizer Destress Detox – 66 g – $6

Hm – will give this a shot I guess.

Swiss Villa Raw Milk Cow Cheese: Herbes de Provence

Swiss Villa Raw Milk Cow Cheese: Herbes de Provence – 1 oz? – $1? (can’t find product online – not sure why it was in a box if there’s no way for me to purchase…)

Note – must eat with crackers.  This cheese was STRONG!  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cheese and was super happy to have a cheese sample in my box.. but whew!

Plum Organics Grammy Sammy

Plum Organics Grammy Sammy – 1 bar – $0.84

This one little tiny bar has 110 calories and 20 g of carbs.  Holy cats.  Guess that’s why it’s for kids.

Global Health Trax ThreeLac

Global Health Trax ThreeLac – 2 packs – $1.67

So – been thinking about trying probiotics to help with my digestive issues.  Will give these a shot.

Sunology Natural Sunscreen

Sunology Natural Sunscreen – 0.07 oz – $0.30

Hm – sunscreen in November.  Makes sense?  Hopefully I remember this sample sitting around somewhere come summer 6 months from now…


Postography – 2 free postcards – $2.50

Hm – will have to see if I can find a good use for these…

TeeChia Super Seeds Cereal Blueberry

TeeChia Super Seeds Cereal Blueberry – 1.76 oz – $1.70

Husband will probably try this too – I hate blueberry.

Smarty Pants Weight Management Complete

Smarty Pants Weight Management Complete – 6 gummies – $1

Hm – these seem like they are for kids, but they are for weight management.  I’m confused.

Maty's All Natural Kid's Cough Syrup

Maty’s All Natural Kid’s Cough Syrup – 0.34 fl oz. – $0.70

Don’t have kids, but will probably try this if (when) colds hit this year.

The Verdict:

My estimated value is over $26 for my November 2013 Conscious Box.  I still have some reservations on the true “value” of this box since most of the samples are so small.  I don’t know, still on the fence.  Don’t think I would have been too happy had I paid the full $20 price.  I have one more box paid for and will probably make up my mind then.

How was your November 2013 Conscious Box?


Eco Emi November 2013 Review

My first Eco Emi box arrived today – which was rather odd as I received my shipping notification this morning!

The Box:



The Cost:

Eco Emi costs $15/month.

The Goods:


Chandra Dry Perfume by Chamelagiri – $4 (you can get 3 samples on Etsy for $12) (Full Size: 2.5 grams for $25)

From Eco Emi, “Chandra is a spicy, chocolate chai blended into a soft powdery pillow…apply the same way as regular perfume on your wrist and neck.”  I’m sorry, but chocolate perfume?!  I would probably break out in hives.  This may be OK for some, but definitely not for me.

Pumpkin Pout Lip Balm by Tulips Apothecary – FULL SIZE 1 oz – $8

Loving the pumpkin lip balm – I only wish this flavor would have arrived earlier in the fall (like October), now I’m eyeing their other products on Etsy! if you want to check them out!  I think I’ll have to get the zinc oxide one for summer!


Peppermints by St. Claire’s Organics – 0.53 oz – $1.19

These taste like a candy cane!  I didn’t think I’d like them, but they aren’t half bad!  Will have to see how they work for digestive issues, as I seem to be prone to those (my go to is mint tea).


Greeting Cards by Night Owl Paper Goods – 1 card – $4 (Full Size: box of 6 for $24)

This greeting card was actually pretty cool – it’s made from sustainably-harvested birch wood!  This will be going to my mom for Christmas 🙂  I’m sure she’ll love it!


Squeaky Clean Shampoo by Sparklehearts – 2 oz – $3.25 (In Peta Gift Set of 4 (shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion) for $13)

I’ll try this shampoo – it says it’s for girls; so assuming I’m not the intended audience, but why not!

Whipped Shea Butter with Kalahari Melon Seed Oil by Shea Radiance – 1 oz – $4 (Full Size: 8 oz for $32)

This whipped butter is pretty awesome – and smells good too!


Flower Headband by Anna – $9

Alright, this is not for me.  This flower is an easy 4-5 inches in diameter, do adults really wear these??  I’m thinking this’ll be a great gift for my photography friend (thinking she could use as a prop??). if you live in the Sioux Falls area and need a great photographer!


Midnight Dark Drinking Chocolate by Kitsune Tea – 2 oz? – $5

Two chocolate items in one box?  Sheesh.  I’m sure the husband will love this.

The Verdict:

Overall, I calculate my Eco Emi November 2013 Box to be worth ~$38!  Granted there are 3 of the 8 items that just aren’t for me, but even still it seems like the value of the box is there!  Here’s hoping that next months box is a little better suited towards my likes.. but overall I’m fairly satisfied.  Again, I wish they’d stop putting chocolate in these boxes!  *sigh*

It does appear that a lot of their products come from Etsy – which is pretty awesome.  I love that site!

November 2013 Birchbox Review

My November 2013 Birchbox arrived today – hooray!

The Box:

BBNov13 001

BBNov13 006

The Cost:

Women’s Subscription ($10/Month):  Samples of skincare, makeup, and non-beauty extras

The Goods:

My November 2013 products:

BBNov13 007

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips – 0.1 fl oz – $3 (full size: $14.50 for 0.5 fl oz)

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara – 4 ml – $11 (full size: $24 for 0.29 oz)

The nipple balm seemed to work quite well on my lips.  Even though I’m not a huge lip balm type of person – I really liked this!

Also excited to try the mascara tomorrow 🙂

BBNov13 002

folle de joie eau de parfume – 2 mL – $2 (full size: $98 for 100 mL)

Actually don’t mind the scent of this perfume – and really liked that the sample has a little spray nozzle!

BBNov13 003

Miss Jessie’s Leave-in Condish – 1 fl oz – $1.38 (full size: $11 for 8 fl oz)

Haven’t ever tried leave-in conditioner.  It’s meant for curly hair, which mine is probably classified as wavy – but I wear it “wavy” often.  Excited to try this!

BBNov13 004

Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator – 20 g – $5.67 (full size: $34 for 120 g)

and my Birchbox Find of the month:

BBNov13 005

Ghiradelli Mint Cookie Chocolate – FULL SIZE – $2.70 (at Target).

Again, with the chocolate.  I told Husband I’m going to start charging him for all the chocolate he gets out of my boxes!

The Verdict:

I estimate the value of my November 2013 Birchbox at over $25!  I paid $10 for the box and will receive 60 points (equivalent to $6) for the box purchase price, plus 5 reviews at 10 points each!  Overall, I’m excited about everything in my box except for that dang chocolate.  Come on people, find something else to send!  I think this is box number 4 with chocolate in it (across all brands) *sigh*

What did you think of the November 2013 Birchbox?

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November 2013 Daily Dose of Green

I was so excited that my November 2013 Daily Dose of Green arrived in the mail today!!  I loved my first box of DDoG and couldn’t wait to see what was in this month’s box!

The Box:

DDoGNov13 028

Again, I love that the contents are directly inside the shipping box!  No waste of another box!

DDoGNov13 030

Here’s the detail card for the items in my box.

The Cost:

Daily Dose of Green is an eco subscription box available for $15 per month

The Goods:

DDoGNov13 031

Beauty Without Cruelty  – 2 fl oz each – $2.75

*Cruelty Free, Vegan, No Synthetic Fragrances*

I love trying shampoos and conditioners that are “natural” – hoping someday to find that product I can’t live without!  We’ll see how this month goes 🙂

DDoGNov13 032

Eat Green Tea Edible Green Tea Leaves – 6 grams total – $1.50

This is the second time I have received a sample from Eat Green Tea – and to be perfectly honest, I’m not certain where the first sample ended up… I’m still not 100% about poring this over food, but the package did say they recommend with a smoothie – now that I could see… if only I was a smoothie person.  Oh, the dilemma.   Suggestions anyone?

DDoGNov13 033DDoGNov13 034

Lauren Brooke Creme Foundation sample – $3(?)

This item was a little confusing to me, as with the three samples – the product colors are probably only applicable to 10% of people who received them.  I will likely end up mixing a little of the cool into the neutral to try to match my skin tone, but would have no idea what color to purchase if I do end up liking this.  While I do not expect them to send 16 different samples, a survey of “what type of skin do you have – light, medium, dark” would have been good to get three light skin colored samples.  Am I making sense?  Oh well.  Still excited to try this item!

DDoGNov13 035

Two Degrees Chocolate Banana Bar – 1 bar – $2

Another chocolate item.  I beginning to think this is going to be a regular occurrence with several subscription boxes.  While the Husband loves it, I keep getting left out!  Boo.  How about some caramels or salt water taffy?!  Hm.. maybe someday.

And this month’s Extra Products:

DDoGNov13 029

I really like how they add the extra products to the boxes.  Wish I knew what everyone else was getting as their extras – feel free to share!

DDoGNov13 036

Bee All Natural Hand and Foot Salve (peppermint) – 1 oz – $3.31

I actually quite love this product as a hand cream – perfect timing as the temperatures are turning cold.  The only complaint is the smell – I’m not the worlds biggest peppermint fan… I have a feeling I’ll get used to it though as I love how this makes my skin feel.

DDoGNov13 037

Bare Body Soaps Green Tea and Lemongrass Soap – 1 oz – $1.50

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the smell of this soap!  Wish the hand and foot salve smelled this good… LOL

DDoGNov13 038

Redmond Trading Co. Real Salt – 0.53 oz total – $0.75

So this item was a little disappointing.  Apparently the salt I have been using isn’t real?  We use crushed sea salt and a grinder currently.  I think we’re fine.

The Verdict:

I paid $15 for my daily dose of green box and I received an estimated $14.81 worth of product.  Definitely not as high value as my first box; however, close enough for me!  The items I was disappointed in were the chocolate (again – stop with the chocolate everyone!  LOL – the Husband enjoys though I guess) and the salt packets.  I also wish the hand cream would have been a different scent, but it works amazing!

How was your November 2013 Daily Dose of Green box??

Stitch Fix #1 (November 2013) Review

Ahh!  My long awaited Stitch Fix #1 arrived today!!  I dove right into the box!  Without further adieu –

The Preview:


If I kept everything in my box, it would have cost me $198.  Not too bad for 5 items (if I loved them all).

The Cost:

$20 a month styling fee – then the cost of clothing (read more here).

The Goods:


First up was the LA Made Aussen Zip-Up Collared Knit Cardigan – $68


I wanted to love this item – here in MN we just got our first snow yesterday.  What a perfect sweater for winter, right?  I tried a similar look to the first photo in the style card – but basically the sweater was just way too baggy on me and I couldn’t get it to look right (kept fidgeting with it).  Don’t get me wrong, I love comfy and baggy, but not when I’m paying $68 and would have to leave the house in it.  This item is going back. (p.s., that is a Barney photo bomb.)


Next up was the Tobias Crew Neck Knit Sweater – $98


I knew I was going to love this sweater when I pulled it out of the box – then I saw the price card and was determined that I would find something else in the fix that I liked better and this could go back…  No such luck, I had to keep this.  It was perfect.


Next item was the 41 Hawthorn (Stitch Fix‘s brand) Cubes Arc Necklace – $32

Overall – this necklace was OK.  If I hadn’t fallen in love with the sweater, I may have kept it just so I wouldn’t lose my styling fee.  Just didn’t really like the forced curvature to the necklace (seemed a little funny on me).  This item is going back.


Next up was the 41 Hawthron Bixby Swan Print 3/4 Sleeve Blouse – $48


This item was my stylist’s “favorite” – I wasn’t too certain when I tried it on – but it actually looked nice when put together (Husband said I looked good).  The only problem – it was too tight across the shoulders, I felt like I was going to rip it if I bent the wrong way!  The fabric had absolutely no give whatsoever (silk?)  I don’t like being constricted by clothing – this is going back.


and last was the Chris & Carol Strathmore Striped Hi-Lo Knit Shirt – $38


I literally felt like I was wearing a pajama shirt!  While it was nice and soft, it was WAY too long!! I think that may be the intent of this shirt, but TOTALLY not for me.  The dog was even wondering what was going on!  This immediately went back in the box.

The Verdict:

Overall, I was fairly impressed with my first Stitch Fix.  While I ended up sending back 4 of the items, I LOVE the sweater!! And I would have never purchased this in the store (would have walked away after seeing the price tag).  While I didn’t really go out of my comfort zone much (perhaps part of the reason for scheduling my “fix”), I think the style cards will help me put outfits together with pieces that are already in my wardrobe.

Overall – I’m in love and will be scheduling my next fix soon!  I can’t wait until I get a fix where I love all items and can take advantage of the 25% off!!  Just think, I ended up paying $78 for one item (with the $20 styling fee deducted), had I loved everything, it would have only been $120 more for 4 more pieces!

Oh also, I received a $50 gift card for – don’t think I’ll use it as we aren’t big wine drinkers, but a nice touch, nevertheless.

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?

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