Homegrown Collective October 2013 Greenbox Review

Oh.Em.GEEEE I’m excited!!! A short 3 days after signing up for Homegrown Collective – my first box arrived!  Talk about some good timing!  At first I thought that maybe I was getting the September box (which I would have been 100% OK with); but nope, brand new box!  WHOOP!

The Box:

This month’s theme is “Preserving and Preparing the Harvest Feast.”  Well, let’s just say I’m not new to home preservation (read here); but I was still SUPER excited by this box!!

 Oct HGC-2Oct HGC-6

Oct HGC-7

The Cost:

Month to Month: $39 plus $9 shipping
3 Months: $117 plus $9/month shipping (no savings)
6 Months: $234 plus Free Shipping!
12 Months: $429 plus Free Shipping! (one month free)

The Goods:

Oct HGC-3

View of the first card – “Antioxidants & Superfoods” (yes they have a spelling error… LOL)

Oct HGC-4

The first “task” is to make your own gourd candle!!  I’ve never made a candle before, let alone a gourd candle!  Let’s just say I’m excited to see how it goes!

Here’s the items for making the candle:

Oct HGC-8

Next up was water bath canning, again, let’s just say done that a time or two, but excited to try a new recipe!!  It appears it’s a cranberry chutney – note, I’m not the worlds biggest cranberry fan; but will definitely try to see if I like cranberries better this way!

Oct HGC-5

and the goods:

Oct HGC-9

Alright – so my one complaint about this, is they did not send an actual jar lifter.  Nevertheless, I have one, BUT for those that don’t, I can only imagine the frustration of trying to lift a jar with the tongs they sent.  Hmm.  I’m going to let it slide, since as stated I have a jar lifter, and I’ll just use these tongs elsewhere in the kitchen.

Also, the instructions state to use the cheesecloth for under the jars – they actually make stands for that (which we own), so likely won’t use the cheesecloth for that purpose.  But on a side note, we occasionally make our own cheese – so this guy will likely get reused for that!!  (<– note we are LONG overdue for making some cheese!)

The Verdict:

Overall – I’m VERY impressed with my first Homegrown Collective Greenbox!   Even though this month’s topic is something that is not new to me, I am still ridiculously excited to make everything!  I had a feeling this box would be a good fit for our lives, and well let’s just say they hit the nail on the head!!

I did not assign a value to the items in this box, as I am not even certain the correct way to do so.  The box is so well curated that I DEFINITELY feel that it was worth the $39!!  Could I have gone out and purchased the individual items separately for less money?  Probably, but there’s no way I would have come close to joy of opening such a well thought out box!  VERY well done Homegrown Collective – you made a HUGE fan!!


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