October 2013 Bulu Box Review

Here’s my review for my October 2013 Weight Loss Bulu Box!  It arrived in the mail last week.  I did manage to grab a couple of my own pictures, but some are from the website.  Bulu Box costs $10 per month.

The Box:

October 2013 Weight Loss1

Here’s the information card I received describing all of the products.  I really enjoyed this as I’m not the most supplement, etc. savvy.


The Cost:

Month-to-Month: $10 (Free Shipping)
3 Month: $30 (Free Shipping)
6 Month: $60 (Free Shipping)
12 Month: $110 (Free Shipping) *One box Free!

The Goods:

Bulu Box Weight Management Box

(Body360 Nutritionals Burn360 – no picture)

Body360 Nutritionals Burn360 – 2 packets – $1

These did seem to make a difference in taking the edge off of hunger.  Don’t know if we’ll be purchasing, but not half bad.

Bulu - Oct 2

Simple Being Slimming Smoothie sample – 1 Packet – $3.33

Husband is excited to try this, hasn’t yet.

Bulu - Oct 3

Natural Vitality CALM Raspberry Lemonade – 0.12 oz – $0.36

Haven’t tried this sample yet either, but intend to!  The only thing that’s weird is this product seems to no longer be available on Bulu’s website, which means I can’t review and earn my points.  Boo.

(PowBab Superfruit Chews – no picture)

PowBab Superfruit Chews – 2 chews – $1.33

These were actually quite yummy!  I might get back around to purchasing some to see how well they actually work (was hard to tell with only 2 chews).


Vibrant Cleanse – 1 Package – $2.04

Plan on trying this – just haven’t yet.

Overall value of my October 2013 Bulu Weight Loss Box was $8.06.  The normal cost for this box is $10; however, I got a pretty good deal (3 boxes for $17).  Overall, I liked the description cards and the variety of products; wasn’t overly impressed with the value of the box, but will see how the next couple boxes go!

How was your October 2013 Bulu Weight Loss Box?

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