October 2013 Birchbox Man Review

Husband received his first Birchbox a week or two before me (more towards the beginning of the month) – boy was I jealous.  Nevertheless – here’s the contents and estimated value of his first box.  Again – didn’t think to get out the camera for the first few boxes… will in the future – I promise!

The Box:

This Month's Box

The Cost:

Men’s Subscription ($20/Month):  Grooming products and accessories ranging from socks to tech accessories

The Goods:

Overview of his box from Birchbox – spoiler alert, they will show what you are getting before the box arrives if you look online.  I had to keep my mouth shut for a good 2 days.  Not easy let me tell you what…

Billy Jealousy Combination Code Face Moisturizer

Billy Jealousy Combination Code Face Moisturizer – 1 fl oz – $8.67 (Full Size 3 Fl oz for $26)

Husband really liked the face moisturizer (still likes it as it was a very generous sample!)  He’s a little hesitant on the price, but since you get 10 points ($1) for each review, I’m sure we can save up some points to get it for him!

Quirky Upwrite

Quirky Upwrite – $27.99

I think he was OK with the idea of a stylus (think MN in the winter with gloves on) but this item just didn’t do the trick – he had to push VERY hard to get it to work.

Herban Essentials Towelettes

Herban Essentials Towelettes – 2 packs – $1.60 (Full Size 20 packs for $16)

He seemed to like these (has only used one).  Not much more comment on it.

EVOLUTIONMAN Cleanse & Shave

EVOLUTIONMAN Cleanse & Shave – 0.5 oz – $2.25 (full size 5.1 oz for $23)

Overall value of the box = $40.51 for a $20 subscription.  Husband loved that it was a box just for him! 🙂

What did you get in your October Birchbox Man?

Note: This post contains referral links!



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