Hey Everyone,

Welcome to my blog!  I will post gardening/canning stuff as it becomes relevant; but since MN is in the throws of moving towards fall and quickly winter and since we just ripped everything out of the garden (besides the Brussels sprouts and garlic) there won’t be too much to post for awhile!  I wish that we had a little longer growing season around here!  That being said, we managed to put up 24 quarts of salsa, 6- 1.5 pint spaghetti sauce, a dozen plus jars of dill pickles, couple jars of pickled green beans, lots of frozen green beans, some summer salsa (with peaches), peach bbq sauce, apricot butter and spirited apricots!  *disclaimer – our garden is NOT that large; most of the salsa ingredients came from the farmers market, the peaches from an apple place, and the apricots from my mom’s tree at home!*  On a good note – our recipes are getting better and better – might have to share them the next go around (or perhaps on demand :))

Tack on that we refinished our bathroom this summer (talking gutted to the studs and subfloor and built back up), and it’s been a BUSY summer!  I had really wanted to make some green pepper jelly this year too; but just didn’t get to it.  Sad 😦  Oh well, next year!

In the meantime, I have found an addiction to subscription boxes, so I have added information and reviews for the boxes I’ve found and signed up for!  Perhaps it’s because I don’t have enough going on now that I keep searching for different boxes online, and perhaps the actual reason for this blog.  That being said, it’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile (the blog not the boxes!)

That’s what I know for now.  Thanks for stopping in! 🙂


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